Design and Previsualisation

  • Propose story-driven visual enhancements
  • Generate original creative designs for characters, virtual environments and other special effect.
  • Conduct technical R&D to provide innovative, tailored solutions.
  • VFX Supervision

    • Create 3D models, lifelike animations, textures, and lighting schemes for digital characters, vehicles and other objects
    • Render photo-realistic images.
    • CGI Effects Recreate elements (rain, snow, fire, smoke, debris, water, etc.)
    • Engineer natural phenomena (tornados, earthquakes, storms, waves, etc.)
    • Produce dynamic crowd simulations
    • Environments Design Digital Matte Paintings and backdrops
    • Enhance existing sets or environment through 2D and 3D extension

    3D Animation

    • Formulate accurate script-level breakdowns and budgets
    • Organise efficient and cost effective shooting solutions.
    • Support production with web-based digital asset management system
    • Supervise practical visual effects including motion tracking, blue/ green screen keying

    VFX Compositing

    • Interactive image compositing from multiple sources including green/blue screen, miniature, photography and motion control elements
    • Motion tracking live action plates for compositing elements in post.
    • Post Supervisory Services Consult on all motion picture post-production issues



    Mike Dunn